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About us


Founded as an interdisciplinary research facility in 2002 and funded by the German Research Foundation DFG, Heidelberg University's collaborative research center 619 "Ritual Dynamics" (abbrev. SFB 619) is the world's largest research association exclusively investigating rituals as well as their change and dynamics.


In the current project phase, 19 subprojects are subsumed in three project areas (A, B, and C). Over 90 scientists from 15 disciplines, mostly from the field of humanities, collaborate in the SFB 619. This makes it one of the largest humanities collaboration research centers in Germany and a highlight of the University of Heidelberg.


The SFB 619 "Ritual Dynamics" conducts fundamental research in terms of the cross-cultural construction of theories. Every year, the SFB 619's cooperation and exchange with other research facilities and universities, its internationally oriented lectures and events and finally yet importantly, its excellent reputation as a research facility brings many visiting scientists to Heidelberg. One of SFB 619's goals is to integrate the experience of those who practice the rituals into the scientific discourse.


The organizational scope of the SFB "Ritual Dynamics" is reflected in the structure of its committees. The board consists of 13 members: spokesman Professor Dr. Axel Michaels and one deputy spokesperson, six other board members including the three project area heads and their respective deputies, who represent the 24 subproject heads that are assigned to them.


These web pages will provide you with an overview of the committees and members of the SFB 619 "Ritual Dynamics".