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Subproject C10 - 1

Cinematic Funerary Enactments in Feature Films


The data archiving project about cinematic funeral stagings in contemporary feature films focuses on the task of providing insight into the fictional and medialized sepulchral culture of today. The representation of funeral rituals in feature films is a major point of convergence for the medialization of death.

Conventional depictions of ideal-typical Judeo-Christian rituals are put side by side with "ritual designs" which, in their distinctiveness, reveal a heterotopical potential.

The samples provided through the data base are illustrated  and systematically reviewed in respect to their morphology, density and distinctiveness, using examples of Hollywood blockbusters as well as independent films of the last two decades. Particular screenshots of these funerals provide the user with dominant motivic elements and depict the narrative structure of the rituals. A broader contextualization and insights are achieved via overview guidelines for the individual rituals as well as metadata for each screenshot.

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