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Subproject B10

The Late Antique Imperial Ceremonial in Visual Arts

This collection contains images of works of late antique and Byzantine art displaying ceremonial acts in the setting of the late Roman imperial court. These images have been collected in the context of subproject B10 "Political Rituals in Late Antiquity (4th-6th cent. C.E.)" of the Collaborative Research Centre 619 "Ritual Dynamics" and cover the time period between the 3rd and 10th centuries C.E. in the geographical space of the late antique Roman Empire. Diverse mediums such as state reliefs, consular diptychs, largitio bowls, gold background mosaics etc. can be found in the collection.
Because of the relative scarcity of image works depicting acts of imperial ceremonials, works of Christian art have been included in the collection, since here image formulas of imperial representation (e.g. the kiss on the feet of the emperor, the proskynesis) have often been adapted. Extending the timeframe into the 10th century C.E. is being justified because of the survival of late antique traditions at the Byzantine court.
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