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Subproject A8

... on Becoming Gods

For several groups in India the pilgrimage to the shrine of Hinglaj Devi in Baluchistan, Pakistan, is the sine qua non ritual in their religious life. Pilgrims not only get the blessing of the goddess and are ritually purified of all sin, they also “reboot“ their atman [soul] to its original state. After this pilgrimage Hinglajis, as people are called who successfully return from the journey, eventually do not get burnt on the pyre anymore, but instead are buried in their own little samadhi [tomb], where they are worshipped as devatmas [divine souls]. This documentary accompanies a group of Indian pilgrims on their exceptional journey.
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Resource type:

Video (length: 38:42 min.)


Time period and location:

2010-2012, Pakistan (Baluchistan, Sindh), India (Gujarat)


Urdu, Gujarati, Hindi with English subtitles




Screenshots of the Film "On Becoming Gods"

Film still of "... on Becoming Gods".
Film still of "... on Becoming Gods".
Film still of "... on Becoming Gods".

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